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About Richardson Farms -

In 1858, Ben L. Richardson started a produce and dairy farm in Medina County. He hoped it would be a lasting proposition for his family and we are proud of that heritage today. Today, Bill Richardson and son Ben run the farm using the time-tested traditions of their family, as well as new techniques learned through their degrees in fruit and vegetable growing and tree maintenance.

Bill's commitment to good farming practices is matched only by his love of what he does which is expressed any
time you talk to him working at the stand, spending time at the various farmer's markets they attend all over the
area, or out in the greenhouse giving advice. He enjoys giving tours of the farm and will happily introduce you
to the pigs, cows, turkeys and chickens that call Richardsons home.

Bill is a frequent speaker during the winter months and will help any group get their garden started on the right
foot as well as shed light on good irrigation practices, soil management, and how to get the most out of your plants.

Come out and visit Richardson Farms and find out what a difference locally-grown produce really makes. 6984 Lafayette Rd. , Medina OH 44256 or call 330-722-4029 for more information.

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